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1Access the Staff Members Area
 Once you have logged on to the PERFORMANCE Series startup screen at, (click Admin Login in the menu bar on the left side of the screen, enter your login information) your site’s PERFORMANCE Series Home splash screen will appear.Choose Staff from the menu box on the right hand side of the PERFORMANCE Series Home Splash Screen or from the left menu frame. The Staff splash screen will appear.

2Staff Currently Logged In
 You may view login information relative to the staff members at your site by selecting one of the blue links on the right menu. Click on Who’s Logged In to see a list of staff members currently logged in at your site. From this screen further details are available by clicking on Session Details. You will view information regarding that staff member’s start time in the site, most recent activity in the site, IP Address, Browser, and Operating System.

3Staff Member Usage
 Clicking on View Usage on the right menu, from the Staff splash screen or Staff List screen will allow you to see how many times each staff member has logged in and when the date of their most recent login was.

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