Print Help ItemAccessing the Site
1School System Set - Up
 To begin working with the PERFORMANCE Site, you will need a Site ID, Staff ID, and Password. After a PERFORMANCE Series account is established, a Site ID and Staff ID will be sent to the e-mail address indicated on the Test Site Information form. The form will also provide a telephone number that you will need to call to receive your system-level password. The accuracy of the PERFORMANCE Series Test Site Information Form is extremely important, as all access to the site and to student data is registered from the information provided on this form. Once the initial information is received, begin setting up the testing site and training staff members to use the testing site. Scantron Staff Development will help you through the proccess.The PERFORMANCE Series web site can be accessed by the following web addresses:,, and

2Staff User Name and Password
 Your School system will assign you a user name and password. As Scantron does not have access to any staff member passwords and allows school systems to manage their user lists, this is the one area where our support professional will not be able to help. Please contact your school system testing co-ordinator to receive your user name and password.

3Browse to the Login Screen
 Open your web browser and type in one of the URLs above. This will take you to the home page for the PERFORMANCE Series. Click on the ADMIN LOGIN button on the left side of the screen.

4The Login Screen
 This directs you to the login screen. You need to enter your Site ID (remember to include the dashes), Staff ID, and Password (this IS case-sensitive). Once you have typed in this information, click LOGIN.

5Your Home Screen
 You are now at your site’s Home Splash Screen. From this screen you can access areas for Locations, Staff, Courses, Security, Groups, Testing, and Reports.

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